Learn to love testing an agile journey into Behat, PHPSpec and Magento

Posted December 7, 2016

We all hear that we should be testing our code, but Magento is hard to test, clients don’t pay for testing and its a new skill we need to adopt. By looking at testing as an onion we can add value with each layer of the onion skin. During this talk we will look at what is involved in starting to apply testing best practices using Behat and PHPSpec and how they can offer value to the business with User Stories and intertwine with an Agile process.

By the end of the talk you will leave feeling ready to install Behat and PHPSpec and start to think about testing as value that can be added before we write code using Given, When and Then to talk to all parties of the business about what is going to happen. We will wrap up with making these stories executable and repeatable using selenium and Behat with some PHPSpec used to write unit tests.