Developer Book Club

Posted January 27, 2017

I love to read, its one of my favorite hobbies. However, I sometimes feel that I just read and never really take things in. So late last year I decided that I was going to buy second-hand physical books all about software engineering. Some I have kept as kindle books either for price or just because it was more convenient to get the kindle version. Yet, on the whole, I got some real bargains and I made sure that I got a good selection of books going back to “the classics”.

So back to the problem of just reading and never absorbing the knowledge, Well I decided that each month or weeks I am going to hold an online Book Club. It’s going to be a youtube live feed so that if people want to join in and read the same book or just join to be involved asking questions etc then this is fine.

The first book that I am going to read is Domain Driven Design Distilled by Vaughn Vernon.

Concise, readable, and actionable, Domain-Driven Design Distilled never buries you in detail–it focuses on what you need to know to get results.

I picked this book as it feels like a good fit as an introduction to Domain Driven Design and will lead nicely into the Red and the Blue book.

The first Book Club will be held on February 4th. I can’t wait to get stuck into the first few chapters and share what I am learning. It will be really cool if others join in and we can have a short chat on our interpretation and understanding of DDD.

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