My talks from 2015 on Magento

Posted February 5, 2016

Well 2015 was an amazing year for me. I had the opportunity to talk as so many conferences and meetups, I met so many new people and got to spend time with old friends.

Trying to find a highlight is so hard. Vegas and Imagine was mind blowing. Such a large conference and on a scale I have never experienced before. Being able to stand on stage and talk about something I really belive in with BDD and TDD with Magento 2 was great, but really being on stage with Allan MacGreggor and Joshua Warren was amazing. I have loved working with Allan on so many fun projects and this year has been so much fun working on Magecasts

Then being in NYC thanks for the amazing Kimberly was fantastic. I was really nervous about talking BDD in-front of a room of so many people and in a place as amazing as NYC. But thankfully the talk went without a hitch and I really enjoyed talking to so many people afterwards about how I use BDD as a communication tool and how Behat can help automate the conversation. Then having time to run through some small workshops on PHPSpec and de coupling Magento 2 module design was ace.

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