2014 in reflection

Posted January 6, 2015

What a year 2014 turned out to be. For me this has been the best year in terms of career development and personal development yet. I achieved such a large amount.. I met friends in person and made new friends online that I look forward to working a lot more with..

The later part of this year turned into a suprising one. I took a step back and I still tried to enhance my PHP, OOP, Magento knowledge but instead focused more on Behaviour. Systems Thinking, Learning, Descisson Making as a way to help improve the way that I look at BDD. It has had the effect of improving my BDD skills but in a different way that I thought initialy. I am a developer and code geek at heart and always looking at the best software solution. How can I make this code more efficient, How can I design better objects etc etc.

However now I like to look at how can I make this information better, How does this information link to behaviour. Why do people need this information. Attitudes towards Behaviour and how to understand what is important and what isnt really interests me. A big factor on this discovery was Cynefin and after attending BDD eXchange in london I had the moment of Ahah. Its not how we place a problem into a domain ( Yes this does matter ) But its just as important to watch how when and why problems / tasks / Information flows between these domains. How are we moving these items from Complex to Simple ( Obvious ) What happens when they go the other way ?

Another big achievement for me was to take part in public speaking. I would have really loved to have done more and 2015 will be the year I take my experiences of Magento and other areas on the road. I have already submited talks to numerours conferences around the wold. However looking back im really proud to have spoken at Inviqa Dev Day, PHPNW Usergroup and Magento Round Tables.

Considering the projects I have worked on this year and the scale that they are I am suprised at the number of conferences I attended this year:

  • DDD eXchange
  • BDD eXchange
  • Mage Titans
  • 3X Dev Days

I learnt a massive amount from all of these conferences and made some really amazing friends. I cant wait to be there next year for each and every one. Already looking forward to: PHPUK, PHP South Coast, Hopefully True North PHP. Magento Imagine and Berlin in January.

Since moving Jobs at the early part of 2014 I have made a large progression in myself. Im ever thankful for the help and support that my previous employers offered to me and I would not be where I am today without them but this past 11 months has been a journey of enlightment and excitment.

Im also very happy to be more involved in open source projects. My github repo is filling up with experiments and projects that people are using. Notably MageSpec and BehatMage that are in the progress of being ported over to Magento2.

Finally a massive thanks to a few people that have really inspired me this year ( There are many many more people ) allan mcgregor, Vinai Kopp, Ben Marks, Tony Piper, ciaran mcnulty, Everzet, marcello duarte and everyone else.

Happy 2015!!

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