Improvement Backlog

Posted January 7, 2015

What is an improvement backlog? In Agile we should have a backlog for items we want to improve to help productivity. We can then review each item prioritise and bring into each sprint items we feel can add the most value.

Yet I like to try and keep my own Improvements Backlog for my own personal development. This can take the form of a todo list a trello board etc but what is important is that new items are added and reviewed.

I dont always focus on items that will help me become more productive, Sometimes its items that will improve me. Learning a new language or a new language feature. Becoming more proficient with a new tool or reading a book that will offer be more knowledge.

Whats important is that this backlog is prioritised as each day priorities change new ideas emerge etc. I still retain a “Must read” or “Should do” to do list but my backlog is for concrete items that will add value to me.

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