Being Agile

Posted January 13, 2015

I love agile and I am lucky to work for a true Agile company, However I see lots of articles and book referring to being “Agile” so what does it mean to be “Agile” ? Is it a button that we press and we become Agile ? Is it a special meal we need to eat that allows us to become Agile? Is it following the Agile guides having all the meetings and following the Agile manifesto to the letter? Does any of these make us more Agile?

At our yearly christmas party I was asked the question “What is the most important part of Agile for me?” At the time I was thrown, Take a second to think about this if there is one part of Agile that you could not live without what would it be? Is it one of the ceremonies? A principle?.. After thinking about this for a while my answer at the time was “Standups”.

Why Standups? Out of all of the ceremonies that I could have chosen planning, retro Example workshop etc why this one..

For me I really enjoy the standups as a meeting that aligns the team together, A well run short standup meeting can give me all the information I need for the day. I know what my commitment for the day is, I know what my team members are working on and I am aware of blockers that people might have and areas that they are working on.

So how does this fit into the post title of being Agile? Well I spent the break thinking more about this question and what Agile really does mean to be. Why is it that I love to work in an Agile way as apposed to just being fed requirements.

This is by no means a perfect answer and in reality its just my interpretation of what being Agile means to me. Being Agile is being open to change through conversation. Yes there are still constraints that we need to work within, But being aware of them and open to change in an iterative way is what makes me feel passionate about software development and is currently my definition of being Agile.

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