Manchester Magento Meetup February

Posted January 8, 2015

2015 is starting out to be a great year.

The first Manchester Magento Meet up will be on the 10th February with an amazing talk from Marco Lopes.

Modeling an Extension by Example

We know Behat is a cool tool to help us to test Magento websites. But what if it is much more? What if Behat could also help us to model our application as much as it helps us to test it? In this session Marco will demonstrate how to use Behat and PhpSpec in order to improve your Magento modules design

The great team at Boohoo are providing the venue and hopefully Beer and Pizza again.

To register your place you can sign up on our Meetup page. We are also going to try and stream the event live so that more people can take part in what will be an amazing night and talk from Marco.

Just incase you are unsure on what Modelling By Example is Everzet has a really good blog post as well has his presentation from last years BDD eXchange.

It will be a really great evening and a change to learn a really cool tool and to see how we can use BDD, TDD, DDD, PHPSpec, Behat and Magento together to build quality software that matters.

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