Magento HHVM

Posted November 9, 2014

At the first Mage Titans event in Manchester I had the pleasure to watch Daniel Sloof give his presentation on Magento and HHVM. Im not going to write up the entire conference here but instead I will link to the videos that can be found here

So after watching this talk and others at PHPNW2014 I decided that I would look more into HHVM and Magento to further increase my knowledge and to see what all the cool kids were working on.

After failing to get the mac brew version running despite many different attempts I reluctantly opted to use a Ubuntu VM and vagrant to sync files. I have set up a repo here that contains everything you need to get up and running with Magento and HHVM.

My intention at the moment is to go through modules on Firegento Packagist and compile a list of working extensions. Its not going to be a fast task but I hope to have a list of modules that work and potentialy help create pull requests for those that need some help.

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