Quick tip to working on Magento success page

Posted September 23, 2014

One of the sections that without fail is a tedious process for me when working with Magento is making changes to the success.phtml template file. I often make changes that require me to iterate my implementation resulting in a page refresh, empty basket and having to complete the checkout process again.

Each time I have this pain I mean to look at a way to keep the success page on refresh but always finish the task and move onto another. Not this time.

If you want to work on the


template and dont want to re complete the checkout each time, the help is here.

Warning: This does require a temporary modification to a core file that you should not commit.

In your IDE open up


and look for line: 291. It should look something like:


Delete or comment this line out and it will ensure that your session is not cleared when the success action is loaded, resulting in a consistent page for you to work on without having to re complete the checkout process.

Just remember to reset the file before you complete your work. Core hacks are not clever.

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