Code each day, The big idea

Posted September 21, 2014

Day 1: It all started with a “Big Idea”.

Ive been working on some ideas recently around how to share talk ideas around computer science and other interesting topics. Allowing the process from idea to presentation to be more accessible to people. My idea is that people can upload talk ideas they have or want to see that are language agnostic. Conferences meetups etc or even people like you and me can then look at these ideas. Share ideas comment and vote up the ideas so that they might someday become fully qualified talks.

The ethos is all around sharing, I have an idea how can I make it more interesting, How can I deliver content people are interested in. As well as providing a location for conference people to find new and exciting talks from outside of the normal pool of speakers.

Currently this can be found here Its a very basic google doc that is working well. Lots of ideas and helping deliver what I set out to achieve.

Following my idea for writing small useful elements of code each day I have decided to re write this into a very small application that will offer the same as the google doc but provide a little more functionality.

So far the github repo is created: here.

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