A block of code a day keeps the doctor away

Posted September 21, 2014

I spend lots of my own time working on self improvement, as well as open source projects ( Mage test ) but recently ive found myself with no real objectives to complete and feeling frustrated with the lack of meaningful progress im making. I also dont want to spend lots of time “hacking” away at nights that im not productive during work time.

So I have decided to try something different, Im still working on BehatMage and MageSpec. In fact BehatMage is going to be my main focus to ensure that I can have a stable un opinionated Behat3 BDD tool working with Magento, But ive decided to try and write some code every day for the next year. To make this work I have set out some rules:

  • Any blog post that I write must relate to a piece of code im working on,
  • All code must be useful, I cant just fix some CS issues.
  • All code must be open source and on git hub.
  • The book im reading should influence the code im writing. ( Design patterns etc ).

My aim is that by having more of a focus on time boxed allocations of time I can be more focused but also reward my self with learning more about what I want to learn.

Watch this space for more updates.

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