Magento Fireside TDD tools

Posted August 7, 2014

Today was the first installment of the Fireside chats where Vinai Kopp introduced Mocking in Magento using PHPUnit mocking and Mockery. Fabrizio Branca gave a presentation on how to use Menta for blackbox testing.

Menta was a tool that I had never looked into before but thanks to Fabrizio and the great work from the AOE team it will be one that I shall look at again. One of the features I really saw value in was the output reporting it produced. This included the ability to capture screenshots are different resolutions to show the same page at different view points. Ideal for capturing the state of a responsive site.

Following this was an equally brilliant talk from Vinai who went through a simple problem and solution in Magento and different methods to mock and stub Magento models to allow testing. I really enjoyed listening to the thought process and discovery Vinai went through to understand what was required to be Mocked / Stubed.

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