Hack Manchester

Posted October 9, 2013

Now that I have recovered from 25 hours with no sleep and intense brain activity all I can say is WOW. What an amazing weekend I had. The event was so well organised. The atmosphere was electric and made me realise what a thriving technical area I live in.

Our hack didnt win but that didnt matter, I took so much more away from the event than the value of any prize. Without a doubt I will be back next year.

Upon arriving at MOSI we were greated with big smiles and lots of free swag, I got a cool “Keep calm and code” t-shirt, some cool stickers for the laptop a very cool hack manchester mug for the bovril and a excellent hamper of wipes and shampoo.

Once we found a nice table in the main hall the initial welcome talk started. This re introduced all of the competitions and we got to meet the sponsors who helped make the even possible. After being told that the only rule was not to set ourselves on fire we hit the keyboards.

Now a note to all future hackers, Our team didnt do the most planning ( In reality we did none! ) so we spent the first 2 - 4 hours getting our idea together and researching API’s and choosing a language to work with. My advice for future groups is to get the plan together in advance it realy does help and believe me the time flies by.

Before we knew it hot pot was being served. Throughout the entire event the food was great but this hotpot was amazing. As well as lots of sweets and all of the snacks laid out for us all.

We then entered our most challenging phase where beer was presented. We enjoyed a our fair share and became very creative with ideas but forgot that it wasnt a competition to just pitch stupid ideas we had to actually build something. A team decision was made to grab a nice kebab and attack once we refuelled. Another point to note here is that I love kebabs at most hours of the day but never ever buy a kebab in manchester at night ( Relatively sober ). It was cold and really not a pleasent experience.

We managed to code on after this kebab incident for a few hours. Mainly with lots of energy drinks and some heavy hardcore to keep us awake. It was really good at this time when everyone was chatting mingling and helping each other. I saw lots of helping from others and it was really good to be apart of.

I then crashed at some crazy hour in the morning in the sleep room, having forgot a sleeping bag or any sensible accessories I just hid in my hoodie. Another note to anyone coming again be prepared. Sleeping bags, covers, more clothes.

Before we realised it was almost time to finish and the judges came around to have a chat, This provided great feedback.

The rest of the weekend is just a blur. All I can say I for anyone thinking id like to do this but im not sure. Go for it.

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